PHARAOH  ISA                 THE BLACK MESSIAH

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Conscious Hip-Hop/  Neo-Soul/Spoken Word


Saint Louis,MO/U.S.A.


Isa Masai Shakur

Alias Pharaoh Isa

The Black Messiah Alias Baby Face O.G. Alias  

I.S.A.(I-Savior-Allah) alias The God Dionysus


Nubian Senate Records

Copy of Cool Album Cover - Made with Pos
Copy of Cool Album Cover - Made with Pos

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Copy of Cool Album Cover - Made with Pos
Copy of Cool Album Cover - Made with Pos

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Copy of Cool Album Cover - Made with Pos
Copy of Cool Album Cover - Made with Pos

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Associated acts:

The GODS!!! (Black Sufi Hip-Hop Rock Band)

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ARTIST BIO            


I Am Prince Isa

The Black Messiah Alias I.S.A.(I-Savior-Allah) Alias                               The "Baby Face O.G. " Alias 

The God Dionysus Alias MR. ISA SHAKUR!

I Am the Crown Prince of the Nubian Sufi Empire and Founder/CEO of NUBIANSUFI.COM, Nubian Senate Records and Nubian Alchemy Filmz.   I was born in Saint Louis,MO to married military parents Butch and Annie Mae.

I grew up in the Washington DC/Arlington VA area where my father was stationed during the Break Dance Era and I grew up as a troubled youth getting into multiple fights with others kids, skipping school,stealing ,and getting guns pulled on me by thugs,I even got kicked off an army based my father was based.    Now, when the hip-hop world of break dancing and Eric & Rakim gold chains then Public Enemy then Ice Cube and Da Lench Mob came in I was hooked.

My father an U.S. Army Sargent under the name Mr Q. used to DJ basement house parties and he rhymed in a Sugar Hill fashion. This inspired me to do something creative and I did my first rap in an elementary school play for D.A.R.E. in 1986. It took years for me to finally stand up as a m.c. and go pro.

The conscious or black power rap period came on the scene while I was a teen off into Heavy Metal but In 1991 Ice Cube's Death Certificate,Public Enemy's Can't Trust it, plus books on Malcolm X and the movie Malcolm X grabbed me and help shift me to black power hip-hop conscious then in 1995 by inspiration of the late Reverend Albert Cleage Jr. 's book Black Messiah,I became The Black Messiah.

Now 6 months after I attended the first Million Man March and joined the Saint Louis Ave Black Panther Party the powers that be set me up as food for the Beast and destroyed my mission before it could even begin; Apollo,RCA all missed opportunities. I lost my father in 2000 and mother in 2006 and had no other choice but survive and shine for them.

Getting my life back on track through the spiritual disciplines of yoga and Sufism I return back to Saint Louis in 2006 with a mission to reconnect with The Gods, put out conscious music and change the world.

I went to LA in 2007 as Lord Isa The Black Messiah,performed all over LA, and met Isaac Matovu of Jazzin World.,the A&R who trained me to be the A&R I am today then In 2009 I started my own record company called Nubian Senate Records.



Nubian Senate Records is a label based on helping conscious rappers,neo-soul singers,roots artists,spoken poets get heard and paid as an alternative to the counter-revolutionary Dumbing down madness that is on the radio and junking and spamming up the people's minds 24/7. In 2011 I became Prince Isa The Black Messiah.

In 2017  established the first African-American Sci-Fi Film company  Nubian Alchemy Filmz in the year 2017 and wrote my first movie script The Black God Father Of St.Louis then I started filming.   

​Now in 2021 I am known as Pharaoh Isa The Black Messiah, honored by the previous Obama Administration,The Occupy Movement,The Black Lives Matter Movement and people of all religions,races, nationalities and genders in America and other countries that love the wine of The Gnosis, the Sufi Hip-Hop to heal and make joyous, a wounded and heart broken world. Now let the church say          "Amen-Ra"!



Isa Masai Shakur Founder/CEO



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